Management - Lisa Schaertl

Lisa has a BS in Electrical Engineering and more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales and PR for international high tech companies. Her college classmates view this as a waste of a perfectly good engineering education. Tech Savvy clients generally take a more positive view.

Before starting Tech Savvy Marketing, Lisa was director of communications at Xelus, introducing supply chain management (SCM) software for equipment service. She was previously marketing communications manager at Xynetix (now part of Synopsys), where she helped launch a new company name, new products and a new category of electronic design automation (EDA) tools. In both companies she worked with executive teams on marketing strategy, message development, and analyst relations; and advised CEOs on employee, media and customer communications.

She has additional experience as a product manager at Avant! Corp., and sales/ applications engineer at electro-optical component manufacturer Judson Infrared (now part of Perkin Elmer) and laser analytical systems maker Burleigh Instruments (now Exfo). She has published numerous technical and "customer success" articles in technology journals including EE Times, Integrated Systems Design, Desktop Engineering, Electronic Products, Electronics Packaging & Production, Machine Design and Medical Design Technology (MDT).

Tech Savvy works with our clients' own marketing teams to get things done.  When needed, we also bring together a strong network of graphic designers, web developers and other experts - all chosen because they're the best at getting great results quickly and economically. No fuss, just results. These include:

Brand|Cool Marketing - strategy consulting, branding, creative design and implementation.

Stratejus - web design, development and implementation.

IDU design - creative services, graphic and web design.



  "Lisa is incredibly bright and incredibly practical - a great combination. She is very good at all aspects of marketing.

"I have never worked with any better people, professionally or personally, than this team. They are hard working, very ethical and fair."

Stan Beal, partner


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