Our approach is practical and effective. First... we find out what your company is trying to achieve, and your strategy for getting there.

Next... we identify communications programs and tactics that support your strategy.

Then... we get it done. On time, on budget. No drawn-out sessions where you spend time and money educating an agency that doesn’t get your technology, market or goals - and presumes to tell you what your strategy should be.

You’ll appreciate our methodical approach to defining project goals, agreeing on objectives, and documenting results. And you'll see the benefit of our fifteen years' experience in marketing technology, from laser analytical systems to supply chain software. Whether your marketing team is new, experienced, or non-existent: we can help.

If your marketing team is new or inexperienced:

...we bring advice and leadership.

We help you get short term results while building for long-term success. We help you establish programs right, from the ground up, always keeping an eye on the business strategy. We create press releases and other marketing materials that look great and cost less. We provide the project management know-how to get the programs done on time and on budget, and transfer that knowledge to your in-house team throughout the process.

If your marketing team is already experienced:

...we bring an expert helping hand.

We provide specialized, short-term help for crucial projects such as a product or company launch, company repositioning, or event. Or we can take care of those valuable tasks that you just never get around to – like ghost writing articles to be bylined by your VP of engineering for a technical journal, creating customer case studies for your web site, or putting your sales message into a concise and professional PowerPoint presentation for your sales force.

If your marketing team is non-existent:

...we bring the team.

If you haven’t yet built your own marketing team, we can fill the gap. We can define and run focused marketing communications, analyst relations or PR projects that meet your company’s needs and budget. We bring together a strong network of graphic designers, web developers and other specialists – all of whom are the best at getting great results quickly and economically. We’ll put working programs in place, and then help you transition responsibility to your in-house team as you grow and hire.


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