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Branding. Bah. 

by Lisa Schaertl

I have grown weary of branding.  All that talk, money, energy and angst expended on earth-moving decisions such as which shade of blue best captures a companyís ďspirit.Ē

Donít we all have more important things to do?

Ok, I admit that branding is good. Necessary.  Essential even.  But letís put it in perspective, people.  Your brand is not what you say it is. Itís what your market says it is. And they decide based on what you do, more than what you say. Or what color you say it in.

Here is one of the best articles on branding that Iíve read in a while.  The author makes apologies for being a direct marketer, presumably a lower life form than other marketers.  But he understands that everything about your company Ė your direct mail, everything - is part of your brand. Intentional or not. 

Itís more than a logo and tagline. So get busy already. Go do what you want to be known for, and donít worry overmuch about your color.  It will be ok.



Lisa Schaertl is president of Tech Savvy Marketing, specializing in marketing and PR for high tech companies.



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