Changing the world

Ok, we haven't really changed the world. But we have definitely helped change bits of it.

The software we promoted for Xynetix - "virtual prototyping" tools for printed circuit boards, and design tools for advanced IC packaging - were pretty radical concepts when we first started marketing them. They have now become an accepted part of the industry's product design flow. 

Over two years at Xelus we convinced the analysts, the media and the supply chain community of the strategic nature of the equipment service organization... and the importance of Xelus' new  "enterprise service management" (ESM) concept. Industry analysts at AMR Research adopted the ESM terminology and called it "a vital piece of an overall customer-centric strategy."

Today, New Scale Technologies' tiny new motor is poised to have a big impact on electronic devices. Stay tuned...

Tactics we use

Want more specifics about how we do what we do? Read on. (You'll need Adobe's free Acrobat Reader to see some of these examples - download it here.)

PR Programs

We excel at creating new PR programs "from scratch" for startup and early-stage tech companies. Not just sending out press releases, but also arranging to have your by-lined articles published and getting the editors to write about you. We build awareness of your products with the people who need them.

You can see our work in progress at companies like BEAR Power Supplies and New Scale Technologies. In years past, we created the PR program for Xelus, generating a steady stream of press releases (625K pdf) and working closely with Blanc & Otus to get media coverage (130K pdf) in InformationWeek, Computerworld and other leading trade journals. (Xelus has since been acquired; some of the external links in the pdfs won't work.)


Good writing, and so much more. We work with both executives and engineers to articulate your company's vision and technology advantage. We carry that message across press releases, brochures, product backgrounders, sales training materials, presentations and web content. Here are just a few examples. Ask us for more - we love to share this stuff.


From simple product data sheets to glossy corporate overview brochures - we help you define the right concept, craft compelling copy, and deliver a design that reflects well on you. As always, we start by understanding who you want to reach, and what you want to tell them. Then form follows function.

We'll do what fits your needs and budgets. This may be an in-house creation that you print at your local copy center, or a high-end creative design with offset printing. Some examples:

  • 4-page overview brochure (845K pdf)- created in MSWord, design by Tech Savvy Marketing, printed digitally on demand.
  • 14-page product brochure (811K pdf)-  designed and created in MSWord by Tech Savvy Marketing, offset printing.
  • 16-page software and services brochure (852K pdf) - our copy and direction with a  design by Brand|Cool Marketing; created for offset printing. (Ask us how we reduced brochure development expenses 45% and printing costs 65% over this client's previous brochure.)


First we help you create clear and interesting content. Then we package it into a clean, well-designed presentation that enhances your message and supports your professional image. We can design the template for you, or work with one you already like. Here are a few examples (all templates designed by us or our design partners):


We work with design partners to create websites that are not only beautiful, but useful. Organized so that your potential customers can get the answers they're looking for. We strive for clean, simple, functional and informative. We'll try to talk you out of spending time and money on "bells & whistles." We believe that if we're successful at making your message simple, clear and compelling - you won't need them.

Since most of our clients want to maintain their sites themselves, we design for ease of maintenance using the tools of your choice. Examples include:


We provide seminar planning and promotion, and can work with your team or ours for logistics. By understanding the customer's market, audience and hot topics, we were able to create a seminar series that was booked to capacity in three cities. Expert speakers and a relevant give-away (a $30 book on the subject) helped draw a crowd of qualified attendees.

Call us!

Tech Savvy Marketing has helped technology companies including Aprisma (now CA), AtrentaBEAR Power Supplies, Electronics Workbench, EMA-EDA, Entercoms, Hewlett Packard, New Scale Technologies, Vistaar Technologies, Xelus (now Servigistics) and Z-AXIS. How can we help you? Call us today.


  "We received an opportunity  yesterday as a direct result of the article written by you and Brandon for Machine Design. This potential customer was impressed with the knowledge and capabilities we presented in the article. Congratulations on a outstanding job."

Peter Growney, Sales Manager
BEAR Power Supplies



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